Oilseeds Sheller Machine

   Introduction to Oilseeds Sheller Machine

Oilseeds sheller machine is often used with kernel shell separator and peeling machine in the pretreatmant process of edible oil production line. Oilseed shelling is an important process before oil pressing. Many oilseeds contain shells and peels which have very low oil content and if not removed, the shells and peels will absorb oil and reduce oil yield. Meanwhile the shells and peels contain pigment and wax which will affect the quality of oil and cake. Besides, the shells of some oilseeds are very hard. Shelling can improve oil yield, improve the quality of crude oil and oil cake, increase the handling capacity of oil pressing machine, reduce the abrasion of equipment, and is favorable for flaking process and the comprehensive utilization of shell and peel. We provide peanut shelling machine, palm nut cracker machine, sunflower dehulling machine and walnut cracking machine for shelling process in the edible oil production line.

Peanut shelling machine is specially used for removing the shells of peanut. The machine integrates peanut shelling and kernel shell separating function. It adopts rasp plate for shelling the peanut. After air separation of shells and kernels and gravity separation of kernels and unshelled peanuts, the kernels enter into the sack automatically. The unshelled peanuts flow into the elevator for reshelling and reseparating.

peanut shelling machine

Features of Peanut Shelling Machine

  1. High efficiency, saving labor, small occupation area.
  2. High shelling rate, low kernel broken rate, good separation effect, low loss rate.
  3. Simple and compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, stable and reliable performance.

 Technical Data of Peanut Sheller Machine

Model ALC-400 ALC-800 ALC-1500 ALC-1600 ALC-3000 ALC-3300
Capacity(kg/hr) 400 800 1500 1600 3000 3300
Power(kW) 2.2 4 5.5 7.5 11 11-15
Shelling rate ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% ≥95%
Kernel Broken rate ≤5% ≤5% ≤5% ≤5% ≤5% ≤5%
Loss rate ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5%
Cleaning rate ≥95.5% ≥95.5% ≥95.5% ≥95.5% ≥95.5% ≥95.5%
Weight(kg) 137 385 775 760 960 1315

Palm nut cracker machine is used for cracking palm nuts and after cracking, palm kernel shell separator is used to separate the kernels and shells by upward airflow. There are small palm nut cracker machine and large palm nut cracker machine. The cracking rate is higher than 95% and the broken rate is lower than 1%. We provide palm nut grading machine for you to grade the palm nuts before cracking.

palm kernel shelling

Small Plam Nut Kernel Cracker Machine
palm kernel cracker and separator

Features of Small Palm Nut Cracker Machine

  1. It can crack palm nut one size at one time and the clearance between the rollers can be adjusted for cracking different sizes of palm nuts.
  2. Small palm nut cracker machine can also be used for cracking almond, pine nut, camellia seed, argan nut, etc.
  3. Easy operation, meeting the need of small scale palm nut processing.
  4. Small covering area, convenient to be used in production lines.

Technical Parameters of Small Palm Nut Cracker and Separator

Function Cracking Separating
Model TK-01 FL-01
Power 380 V/1.5 kW 2.2 kW
Capacity 200-300 kg/hr 200-300 kg/hr
Dimension 2350*770*1600 mm 1970*920*1350 mm
Weight 260 kg 230 kg

Large Palm Nut Cracker Machine

large scale palm kernel shelling separating line

Features of Large Palm Nut Cracker Machine

  1. Large palm nut cracker machine can crack palm nut and almond of various sizes.
  2. Rational design, low kernel broken rate.
  3. The machine is equipped with an elevator to convey the palm nuts.
  4. Equipped with first, second and third grade rollers, the machine can crack palm nut of three sizes at one time by adjusting the clearance of the rollers.

Technical Parameters of Large Palm Nut Cracker and Separator

Function Cracking Separating
Model TK-02 FL-02
Power 380 V/6.75 kW 4 kW
Capacity 1000 kg/hr 1000 kg/hr
Dimension 3100*2000*2150 mm 3500*1100*1650 mm
Weight 1900 kg 360 kg

Sunflower dehulling machine can complete sunflower seeds cleaning, dehulling, hulls removing, separating and reseparating process in one operation. Adopt wind back feeding system to make the un-dehulled seeds automatically return to the dehullers for dehulling again, greatly improve the dehulling efficiency. It is excellent equipment in the world used in sunflower seeds processing.

TFKH-1200 sunflower dehulling machine TFKH-1200 sunflower dehulling machine adopts unique twin-dehullers design, with frequency conversion technology to control the dehullers separately. The unit has the features of high dehulling rate and low kernel broken rate.

TFKH1500 sunflower dehulling machine

TFKH1500 sunflower dehulling machine adopts four dehullers and vertical wide screens, greatly improving the dehulling and separating efficiency, meanwhile saving space. The equipment features low loss of materials.

Advantages of the Sunflower Dehulling Machine

  1. High automation degree, easy operation and maintenance.
  2. Multifunctional cleaner can remove various impuritiessuch as stone, glass, blighted seedsand hair in the raw materials.
  3. The dehuller adopts frequency conversion technologyand can adjust the frequency anytime according to the conditions of materials.
  4. The dehullersadopt all-steel movement and the impeller bladesadopt 99% alumina porcelain, enhancing the dehulling effect and prolonging service life.
  5. The use of spiral dischargermakesit easier to collect sunflower seeds hulls, meanwhile reduces dust.
  6. Unique wind back feeding system makes the un-dehulledseeds return to the dehullersautomatically, greatly improving the dehulling efficiency.
  7. The sieve is punched by high quality cold rolled steel plate, sturdy and durable.
  8. The inclination angle of the screenscan be adjusted to achieve ideal separatingeffect.

Main Parameters of Sunflower Dehulling Machine

Model TFKH-1200 TFKH1500
Power 14.59 kW (380V) 16.47 kW (380V)
Handling capacity 0.5-0.8 mt/hr 0.5-1 mt/hr
Whole kernel rate ≥90% ≥90%
Seeds content in kernels ≤2-5% ≤2-5%
Dimension 14.4*2.8*4.1 meter 11.3*3.3*5.5 meter
Weight 5.0 mt 5.2 mt

Walnut cracking machine is mainly used for cracking walnut. It can crack walnut of different sizes and varieties. By adjusting the internal clearance, the best shelling effect can be achieved. After cracking, walnut kernel shell separator is used to separate the kernels and shells by upward airflow. We have walnut grading machine available for grading walnuts before cracking.

walnut shelling machine

Features of Walnut Cracking and Separating Machine

1. The machine can crack walnut of different sizes and varieties.
2. The internal clearance of the walnut cracking machine can be adjusted to achieve the best result.
3.The deck tilt and air volume of the separator can be adjusted to achieve better separating effect.
4. Suitable for cracking English walnut, black walnut, pecan, almond, etc.

Technical Parameters of Walnut Cracking and Separating Machine

Function Model Capacity Power Rate Whole Kernel Rate Dimension Weight
Cracking HT-1 200-300 kg/hr 1.5 kW/380 V Cracking>95% >70% 1300*700*1300 mm 230 kg
Separating FL-01 200-300 kg/hr 2.2 kW/380 V Separating>98% 1970*920*1350 mm 230 kg
Cracking HT-2 600-800 kg/hr 2.2 kW/380 V Cracking>95% >70% 1600*1600*2200 mm 360 kg
Separating FL-02 1000 kg/hr 4 kw//380 V Separating>98% 3500*1100*1650


360 kg


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