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Peanut oil production line

peanut oil

Peanut Oil Introduction
Peanut oil is digestible edible oil with light yellow color and fragrant flavor. The  unsaturated fatty acid content is above 80%( among which oleic acid 41.2%, linoleic acid 37.6%). Besides, there is also palmitic acid,stearic acid and other saturated fatty acid which covers 19.9%. The fatty acid in peanut oil is in favor of people's digestion system.

peanut oil production line

Peanut Oil Pressing Sections
1. Cleaning and drying
There are impurities in peanuts before its processing. The residues include mud, stem or leaves, without cleaning, they will influence peanut oil and oil cakes quality, at the same time, they will absorb some fat and reduces oil rate. If there are some sand or metal, there maybe accident in the future processing.
There are many methods to clean them and it depends. If the impurities are light in weight like grass, stem and leaf, we can choose wind, using air stream to blow them away. If the residues are small in size, we can select them by screen. To the metal material like steel, we choose electromagnet or permanent magnet to separate them.
2. Peanuts Shelling
Shelling is to reduce shells absorption to fat and improve oil rate; increase the processing capacity and lower the wearout of press machine; process good quality oil cakes and make them widely used.
3. Peanut Kernels Cooking
Cooking is one of the important processing steps in oil extraction. We should add 8-10% water before cooking. Peanut after cooked called ripe billet, and the pressing process is called hot press. Peanuts are mainly hot press. The cooking process influences directly on the smooth press, oil rate and oil cake quality. When the moisture content is close to 1-2% and the temperature reaches 120-130℃, peanut is suitable to finish cooking and begin to press.
4. Pressing
Here we adopts screw oil press which is widely used in small sized oil plant. Simple operation and high pressure ensures continuous processing.

Some Information When Pressing
1. If there is peanut residue out, it means that the oil material is much too dry. You should add a certain water at processing stage.
2. If oil retures at pressing, it is possible that the moisture content is much too high and needs to adjust. The second method is to loosen oil press for wide oil extraction space. Or mix oil cakes into the oil for pressing, thus you can decrease engine diameter and extend pressing time to ensure the oil flow out.
3. Peanuts neither enter nor come out or there is problem in feeding. It's likely that the grinding is not enough. That means the new oil press cage is not smooth. To settle it, Follow the instruciton to grind for some time.
We offer a variety of oil pressing plants and we can also customize oil plant depending on your requirements. Oil industry investment, consider us!

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