Palm Oil Production Line

Palm oil production line includes three sections, palm oil pressing plant, palm oil refinery plant and palm oil fractionation plant. As the manufacturer of the palm oil production line, we can offer the whole line or part of the palm oil production line for different capacities with turnkey services.

Palm Oil Introduction

Palm oil is derived from the fruit of oil palm tree, which is grown in tropical regions of Asia and Africa. Saturated fatty acid and unsaturated fatty acid account for about 50% respectively, which endow the palm oil with better oxidative stability than other vegetable oils. Therefore, it is more suitable for frying and cooking. Currently, the palm oil is a kind of vegetable oil with the largest production, consumption and international trade volume in the world. After refining and fractionating, we can get the palm oils with different melting points, which have wide applications in the catering industry, food industry and oil and chemical industry.

plam oil made by palm oil production line

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