The edible oil is our necessary food, which is directly relative to our diet and health. Under larger market profits drive worse edible oil for lowing producing cost, therefore, there is wider assortment of oil with different qualities in supermarket and grocery, at the same time, how to choose a best edible oil from assorted oils is becoming more and more important.

How to Choose Best Edible Oil

From the Identifiers

According to state regulators, the external packing must indicate product name, product ingredients, quality grade, net content, factory name, factory address, expiration date and so on. And meanwhile the external packing must mark QS sign, the ingredients must label the country of origin, and it is GM ingredients, the production workmanship is either pressing or leaching. Sometimes, there are 5S or 4S identifier, in the matter of fact, that is nor industry professional identifier, but rather is adverting label raised by manufactures.

edible oil choosingFrom the Packing

When you buy edible oil, please check bar-code is standardized and orderly or not, and it is modified or not, bewaring of optionally changing pack marks and arbitrarily altering bar-code. If you choosing dump oil, please check whether the barrel interface is no oil stains, if it is in that case, which will bring about oxidation.

From the Color

The first-grade oil has a bright color than others, that is meaning that there are too many differences on same grade oil, if not, which shows that the edible oil has the quality problem. With the assumption that is true, please don’t make a decision of that edible oil.

From the Transparency

The transparency is an important indicator for choosing edible oil because it reflects grease quality, the pure edible oil should be more transparent, when under the state of sunshine and light, it appears clearest, no- suspending.

From the Deposit

The high-quality edible oil is without the deposit and suspending particles, the viscosity index is much lower. Thus, when purchasing edible oil, please choose more transparent, without the deposit and suspending particles for the first consideration.

From the Layer

If the edible oil has several layers, which indicates it contains mix oil. Superior edible oil always remains transparent, in spite of standing for 24 hours.
From the explanation, we should learn how to choose the best edible oil for our die. But, the suitable oil pressing machine is a pledge for offering best edible oil, our oil pressing machine can give you a best edible oil solution.

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