Hydraulic oil pressing machine has the features of large floor space, small energy consumption, good oil cake quality, which is widely used in oil pressing industry for pressing grease oil crops, such as peanut, soybean, cottonseeds, vegetable seeds for edible food. In view of oil pressing machine’s importance, it is essential for us to know the maintenance of hydraulic oil pressing machine.

vegetable oil

* Check the lubrication

Every five hours, you should check the lubrication of the oil pressing machine. The oil cup on the Reducing gearbox couldn’t be short of oil, and the bearing should add butter one time per shift, which is strictly prohibited do the dry pressing.

* Keep cleanliness and prevent debris

Every part of the oil pressing machine should be kept cleanliness to avoid the dust and debris intruding. It is on duty to check the quality of engine oil one time every year. If found the deterioration, the all engine oil should be changed.

* Check the wear pattern

When the pressing quantities are much less, or the oil cake and oil quantities are not normal, please take the shaft squeezed out of the machine, and check the squeezer, squeezing bar and oil cake circle, the wearing parts should be changed on time.

* Clear away residuals of oil cakes

After every shift come to the end, it is essential to clear away the residuals of oil cakes, and wipe clean the dust and oil dirt, so as to perfect working performance in the next shift, which doesn’t only save the time, but also maintenance cost.

hydraulic pressed cooking oil

* Scheduled maintenance and repair

As the producing season is finished, it ought to be maintained and repaired for the whole structure of oil pressing machine. Extract out of squeezer, squeezing bar and oi cake circle, clean them carefully, and paint oil, and put them in the dry environment.
Besides the above description of maintenance, the right operation method is rather important for us, because which is crucial to normal working state. When we start to use the hydraulic oil pressing machine, it is rather important to read and understand the operation instruction and maintenance skill.

Our oil pressing machine can be applicable to various crops and could press out the high quality and larger oil pump capacity for edible food. In addition to, we offer one-year guaranteeing period and full completely after-sales service.

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