Common raw materials for extracting oil are soybeans, rapeseeds, cottonseeds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame, rice bran, tea seeds, oil palm fruits and corn germs etc.


Soybean is a kind of quality high protein oil material. It contains 15.5%—22.7% oil and 30%—45% protein. Soybean has become the most important plant oil material. The major producing countries are America, Brazil, Argentina, China, and India.


Peanut is native to South America, is an important high oil content soft oil material. The rate of kernels in peanut hull is about 65%—75%. The rate of oil in kernels is 40%—51%. And the protein ratio is 25%—31%.


Sesame is one of the oldest edible oil materials. Its oil ratio is up to 45%—63%. It contains 43% oleic acid and 43% linoleic acid, has higher nutritive value. Affected by the natural antioxidants—sesame phenol, the sesame oil has stable chemical property.

oil palm kernelPalm Kernel

Palm Kernel contains fresh pulp (dry basis contains 45%—50% oil) and palm kernel (dry basis contains 48%—55%). Producing oil with palm kernel usually adopts twice-extraction way. First extract oil from the pericarp and then from the kernel. The oil is edible after refining.

corn germCorn Germ

Corn germ is the bud part of corn, which is the most nutrient part. 70% nutrient is in the corn germ. When producing oil with corn, you should extract germs first.


Rapeseed belongs to high oil content oilseed; it can be cultivated around the world. Rapeseed contains 33%—48% oil.

cotton seedsCottonseed

Cottonseed is the seed of cotton, which takes up 60%—62% of the ginned cotton weight. Cottonseed contains 15%—25% oil, and cotton kernel contains 28%—39% oil.

tea seedsTea Seed

Tea seed has hull and contains 50%—72% kernel. The whole seed contains 30%—40% oil and the kernel contains 40%—60% oil. Tea seed belongs to the non-drying oil, has abundant unsaturated
fatty acid, which is good medicine and nutritional cooking oil.

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