How to Purchase an Oil Press

Like buying other products, when buying oil press, quality and price are always the important topics. Besides, good service will make a nice buy. How to buy an oil press? Which points are to be noticed? Here we tell you something for your reference.

1. Choose the capacity you require.

2. Choose the machine according to your oilseeds, such as sesame, peanut, soybean, etc.

The different oilseed has different requirement for the machine. Peanut oil press and sesame oil press differentiated in the structure and power. Now there are mainly two kinds of oil press in the market, screw oil press and hydraulic oil expeller. They have their own benefits and shortcomings for pressing different oilseeds. If you press sesame and walnut, hydraulic oil press is a good choice. The screw oil press is the most popular one now. It has a large capacity and low price. Another factor is hot pressing and cold pressing. Cold pressed oil usually has a high value, like walnut oil and olive oil, but the oil yield is low. More oilseeds are hot pressed, like peanut and soybean. Hot pressed oil has a high yield and fragrant flavor.

3. A reliable supplier will make a smooth business.

To choose a manufacturer, the usual way we adopt is to search online and see the advertisement. Sometimes we may find out some comments from other buyers. If a certain company is selected, look out if there is much negative information about it.

oil press purchasing

4. While you may be confused by various information on the Internet, the more effective way is to contact the manufacturer directly.

The good manufacturer always gives you professional and timely suggestion. When you communicate with the manufacturer, you could also learn something about their service.

5. The price of oil press is usually relevant to its working principle, capacity, size and other costs.

We should know the capacity we need, power consumption, oil yield, etc. so that we could choose the most suitable one for us. Oil press of different quality has a different price. One good oil press has strict quality control for its core parts, such as pressing screw, pressing ring, pressing bar, motor, reduction gears, electrical apparatus control system, etc. As a mature product, there are many brands in the market. While the production process is the same, quality control varies. Try to choose an experienced company, which usually has more mature manufacturing technique and higher quality guarantee.

6. If possible, visit the factory for an inspection tour.

You could learn about their production capacity and the personality of the manufacturer directly by this way.

7. When buying oil press, please learn about the wearing parts and maintenance method.

It’s better to buy a set of wearing parts along with the oil press. Every manufacturer has its own kind of machine, and the parts are not universal. Later purchase after damaged will be a waste of time and freight. The main wearing parts of oil press are pressing bar, cake outlet, cake guide, pressing screw, pressing ring, etc.

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