Bad Effects of Oil Smoke on Health

Oil smoke is not an odd thing in our cooking work. When heated to a certain temperature, the edible oil starts to smoke. And this temperature is called smoke point. Oil smoke could do a lot of damage to people. The irritating cooking smell surrounds us and we have dirty things on our clothes and the wall of the kitchen and such dirt is so difficult to clean. What’s more, oil smoke contains multiple substances that could make people stuck in sickness. One of the harmful substances is acrolein, which will increase cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, while the benzpyrene is closely related to lung cancer. When the oil smoke particulate attaches to the skin, the pores will be blocked, accelerating the skin aging. The skin becomes rough and wrinkles, melanin manifolds and turns colored spot.

cooking oil smoke and smoke point

Why can Refining Cooking Oil Reduce Oil Smoke?

refine cooking oil to reduce oil smoke

Smoke point is one of the quality indexes of edible oil. Oil that has a lower smoke point is easier to smoke. Different edible oil has a different smoke point, while for the same oil, the more refined one has a higher smoke point since the impurities in the crude oil cause the phenomenon of smoking. For unrefined edible oil, the smoke point of peanut oil is 160°C, for soybean oil, it is 166°C, and for sesame oil, it is 177°C. After refined, the impurities are removed, and their smoke point is almost all above 230°C. The refined oil has shallow color and light favor.
At the consumer’s point, purer oil has a higher smoke point, and not easily smokes. What is to be paid attention to is that some beneficial constituents, such as vitamin E and phytosterin, are also removed during the process of refining.
For cooking oil manufacturers, to lower the smoke point, refining becomes a process that should be taken strict care of. The complete edible oil refining process is composed of the following sections which are degumming, neutralizing, bleaching, deodorization, and de-waxing. To fulfill this process, such equipment is needed, refining pot, decolorizing pot, deodorizing pot, vacuum pump, steam generator and heat conduction furnace, etc. Choosing a reliable supplier that could provide you high-quality equipment and perfect service becomes crucial for your business.
For the consumers, choose the right oil when cooking can benefit a lot. Oil that has a low smoke point is more suitable for seasoning, making the color brighter, the taste softer and the flavor more delicious. If high-temperature cooking is required, the smoke point shall be above 190°C-200°C. Refined peanut oil and canola oil are excellent choices. When it smokes during cooking, the temperature should be brought down, in case that the high temperature makes the oil deteriorate and much smoke is produced. Even for refined oil, repeated cooking should be avoided since it will make the impurities increase and the smoke point will get down.

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