Oilseed Conveyor and Elevator Introduction

Screw conveyors and bucket elevators are used to convey materials including peanuts, soybeans or cottonseeds etc. The screw conveyor consists of screw wring, delivery pipe, feed hopper and tension drive system. The bucket elevator consists of the bucket, traction part, drive device and tension station.
oilseeds screw conveyor and bucket elevator for oil mill

Oilseed Conveyor and Elevator Features

1. Simple structure
2. Easy to operate and maintain
3. Cover little space
4. Energy saving and high efficiency.
oil materials can be conveyed by oilseed conveyor and elevator

Screw Conveyor and Bucket Elevator Working Principle

Screw Conveyor Working Principle

The power transfers to the screw shaft by the belt sheave. The materials flow into the delivery pipe through the feeder, and then the materials are propelled to the upper discharge hole. And the materials can fall into the roasting machine.

Bucket Elevator Working Principle

The bucket elevator is used to convey the materials from lower position to higher position. The materials are feeding into the hopper through vibrating table, and then the elevator conveys them upward automatically. The conveying speed can be adjusted.
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