Oilseed Plate Dryer Introduction

Plate dryer is mainly used for the drying and softening of oilseed (e.g. soybean, corn, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower seeds or seed chips, meals). It is also used for dehydrating/steaming/cooking different materials of granule form, powder form, flake form and fiber form to reduce materials’ moisture content to the required percentage so that the material could meet the technical requirements, which is convenient for the further leaching and storage. Compared with other dryers, plate drying machine has features of compact structure, high efficiency, uniform drying, large output, low energy consumption, the material is not broken, reliable operation, easy to operate.

Main Structure of Oilseed Flat-panel Dryer

The flat-panel dryer is a new kind of heat exchange equipment for drying, steaming and frying materials in some oil, grain, and feed processing industries. It consists of a machine frame, a feeding hopper, a heating device, a transmission agent and other components. The machine’s transmission agent is scraper chain, and the heat-transfer agent is steam or heat transfer oil, which could dry material by contacting heat transfer method.

detailed structure of plate drying machine

The dryer’s working principle is that the plate’s bottom interlayer is fed with steam (pressure 0.3~0.5MPa), then the material to be dehydrated is fed into machine from the feed inlet of top, it falls down onto the top flat panel and moves uniformly by the driving of the scraper (straight speed 1.2~1.5m/min) until it moves to the end of panel, it would fall onto the lower panel and moves in the opposite direction of the lower panel, after horizontal movement and falling panel by panel, it is discharged from the bottom discharge outlet. Material stays in the machine for 30 minutes.

During this process, the material is heated by the bottom steam, and the material absorbs heat to reach a certain temperature, in which the moisture of material is evaporated and discharged from the exhaust outlet, and the steam is condensed and discharged from the drain outlet.

  1. The plate dryer can dehydrate & convey the material at the same time, saving equipment investment and floor space.
  2. Contacting is the most direct heat transfer method. Uniform heating, removal amount of water is large, quick drying speed and short drying time, small protein denaturation.
  3. During the conveying process, the material can be turned over evenly on the stable moving plate, small powder flying, which could reduce oil loss and air pollution.
  4. Oilseed drying machine has a high degree of automation, and the steam amount can be rapidly and continuously adjusted according to the moisture content of the raw material.
  5. The use of this machine could avoid the typical problem of other dryers in the conveying process, which is causing the material surface’s adsorption of water from the air to form a water film, resulting in the impermeable leaching and residual oil increasing.
  • By using plate dryer, material’s water content can be easily controlled within a predetermined percentage. Plate drying machine has a wide application, for example: it can dehydrate oil material to avoid material become mildewed and germinated during storage; and it is also applied in soybean leaching process to dry soybean flake’s moisture; or it could be used to dry oil seed meal after desolventizing, so that the meal could achieve a safe moisture index in favor of the next storage and feed processing. In short, by reasonable selection of process parameters and the accurate calculation of the process, the plate dryer can realize different processing purposes for medium and large company and factory.
  • After the modification of equipping with double-shaft spiral blade mixer(prevent coal jams in inlet) and controlling the channel width below 100mm, the drying machine can be used as a wet coal slime dryer.
  • The grain dryer could be modified as an oilseed steaming and frying machine. The modification is equipping with a dampening device(to achieve the effect of wet steaming&frying), adjusting the chain speed of steaming layers to half of the frying layers’ chain speed, using 210~230℃heat transfer oil as the heat-transfer agent, setting up 20 minutes steaming time and 20 minutes frying time. After modification, the machine’s power consumption & noises decreased significantly, and its yield increases, which has good economic and societal benefits. It is worth promoting.
Type HYPB40 60 80 100 120 150 200 250
heat-transfer agent pressure steam 0.6MPa
heat transfer oil atmospheric pressure
heating area(m²) 40 60 80 100 120 150 200 250
drying capacity(t/d) 50 80 100 120 150 180 250 300
scraperspeed(mm/s) 15-100
material layer height(mm) 40-100
plate’s layer number(layers) 4-6 6-8 6-12 8-14 8-16
motor power(kw) 3 4 5.5 5.5 7.5 11 15
maximum removal amount of water steam 8%
heat transfer oil 9-10%
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