Introduction of Oilseeds Cooking Machine

Vertical cooker is the main equipment to cook the oilseeds before pressing in the edible oil production line. Other cooking machines include rotary cooker, flat bottom cooker, and hot air roasting machine. Flakes are wet, heated, steamed and cooked in the cooker so that to destroy the cellular structure, denature protein to make the oils agglomerate, change the plasticity and reduce the viscosity of the oil, which is favorable for pressing. Cooking effect has a direct impact on the smooth running of the whole oil production process, the oil yield and the quality of oil and oil cake.

Vertical Cooker Introduction

vertical oilseeds cooking machine

Vertical cooker is used for wetting and cooking the flakes from the flaking roll to meet the technological requirements of oil pressing or extracting, enhancing oil yield and improving the quality of crude oil. Vertical cooker is used in large scale oilseeds processing. It is suitable for cooking the flakes of peanut, soybean, rapeseed, sesame, cottonseed, camellia seed, sunflower seeds, copra, corn germ, etc. Vertical cooker can also be used as conditioner.
Vertical stack cooker adopts steam or conduction oil as heat source. The bottom and side of each layer have a steam jacket. The indirect team is introduced into the jacket to heat the flakes. Valves are adopted to adjust the steam so that to control the material temperature. The agitator blades at each layer mix the materials to ensure uniform cooking. The steam pipe under the agitator blades of the first layer rotates with the blades to spray the direct steam into the materials.

Features of Vertical Cooker

  1. Large handling capacity, small occupation area, low power consumption, easy operation, and maintenance.
  2. The gear has a long service life, low noise, and steady transmission.
  3. The number of layers can be designed according to your requirement.
  4. Adopt exhaust device at each layer except the first layer to eliminate the evaporated vapor.
  5. Adopt automatic flow controlling gate at each layer to control the materials discharging.
  6. Adopt pointer to indicate the material height.

Technical Parameters of Vertical Cooker

Model Softening capacity
Cooking capacity
Inner Diameter
Heating area
YZCL120×4 20-40 10-20 1200 15 11.2
YZCL150×5 40-60 20-30 1500 22 14.5
YZCL180×5 80-100 40-50 1800 30 20
YZCL210×5 100-150 60-70 2100 30 26.2
YZCL250×5 160-200 80-90 2500 37 42
YZCL250×6 180-250 90-100 2500 45 50.4
YZCL280×5 220-260 110-130 2800 55 52
YZCL280×6 260-300 130-150 2800 55 62
YZCL300×5 250-300 120-140 3000 55 56.8
YZCL300×6 300-350 150-200 3000 75 67
YZCL400×5 550-600 280-300 4000 110 89.4
YZCL400×6 700-800 300-350 4000 132 107
YZCL400×7 800-900 350-400 4000 132 120

Rotary Cooker Introduction

rotary oilseeds cooker

Rotary cooker is suitable for cooking and drying various oilseeds such as peanut, soybean, rapeseed, sesame, cottonseed, camellia seed, sunflower seed, tung seed, flaxseed, copra, rice bran, watermelon seed, castor seed, pine nut, etc. The drum roaster adopts various heat source such as electricity, coal, firewood and combustible gas to heat the exterior of the rotary drum, the oilseeds are turned within the drum, achieving the aim of uniform heating.

Features of Rotary Roaster Machine

  1. Simple structure, easy operation, and maintenance, long service life.
  2. The drum roaster has low power consumption and low noise.
  3. Rotary roaster machine is installed with two direction switch, convenient for cooking and discharging.
  4. The oilseeds cooked by this rotary cooker have good color and flavor.

Flat Bottom Cooker Introduction

flat bottom oilseeds cooking machine

Flat bottom cooker is suitable for roasting and drying many kinds of oil crops such as peanut, soybean, rapeseed, sesame, cottonseed, camellia seed, sunflower seed, tung seed, flaxseed, copra, palm kernel, walnut, rice bran, corn germ, pepper seed, etc. The cooker heats the oil crops by heating the conduction oil under the cooker. Flat bottom cooker is used with small oil press.

Features of Flat Bottom Cooker

  1. Simple structure, easy operation, automatic discharging, saving fuel.
  2. The mixing blade rotates to stir the materials, which then can be heated evenly.
  3. Equipped with automatic temperature control device, heating will stop when reaching the set temperature.
  4. 4. Multiple heat sources which can be electricity, coal, coal gas, firewood, biomass briquette, etc.

Hot Air Roasting Machine

hot air roasting machine

Hot air roasting machine is an advanced roasting equipment mainly used for uniform roasting of sesame and peanut kernel for making sesame oil, sesame paste and peanut oil. The cylinder is of sandwich structure. Shovelling plates are installed on the inner wall of the inner cylinder to push and turn the materials. High temperature flue gases from hot-blast stove are introduced into the sandwich to transfer heat to the materials.

Features of Hot Air Roasting Machine

  1. Continuous and closed production.
  2. The sesame roasted by the hot air roasting machine has a uniform color, porous surface, high temperature and low moisture content. The oil yield can be as high as 46%-48%.
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