Oilseed Puffing Machine Introduction

Oilseed puffing machine is for preprocessing high oil-content materials like rapeseeds, corn germ or various pre-pressed oil cakes before sending them into oil solvent extraction workshop. The puffing machine is suitable for soybean, rape seeds, cotton seeds, rice bran, etc. Puffing process of oil materials can improve oil yield, reduce energy consumption and save investment on oil production equipment.

oilseed puffing machine for sale

Features of Oil Materials Expansion Machine
1. Improve oil yield and production efficiency can be increased by 30-50%
2. Shorten the extraction time and raising the leaching rate.
3. Improve the quality of edible oil
4. Reduce energy consumption
5. Decrease the residual oil in oil meal
6. Oilseed puffing machine adopts new type hydraulic conical plug to discharge oil material, which is convenient for opening and closing, user-friendly.

Working Principle of Oilseed Puffing Machine

Oil materials are fed into the inlet of puffing machine through the magnetic chute by the spiral quantitative feeder. The steam is added to extruder cylinder through the direct steam throttle valve. The main spiral shaft, consisting of broken tooth screws, rotates in the cylinder to mix, press, heat, shear, rub oil material. Cells of oil material are completely destroyed, and the oil in cells is fully exposed. Then the oil material is extruded from the mold hole on the template at high temperature and high pressure. When they are extruded out, the pressure suddenly decreases as well as the moisture evaporates rapidly, which causes the puffing of oil material.
oil material extruding machine for oil solvent extraction processing

Technical Data of Oil Material Puffing Machine

Model Capacity(T/D) Power(kw) Dimension (L*W*H)(mm) Net weight(kg)
ALYJPZ-16 60-80 37/55 3400*1216*1238 1695
ALYJPZ-20 80-200 75/90 4085*1216*1238 2150
ALYJPZ-25 200-400 90/110 4850*1267*1633 3170
ALYJPZ-30 400-600 132/160 6210*1267*1633 4098
AlYJPZ-35 600-900 220/250 6115*1600*1942 6147

Functions of Oilseed Bulking Machine

1. Improve the productivity of oil solvent extractor

Due to the bulk density of extruded oil materials are increased by 20-30%, oil solvent extractor and stemming machine can process more oil material.

2. Increase oil leaching rate and shorten oil leaching time.

After extrusion, cells of oil material are destroyed completely, and the porosity is increased, so permeability of solvent and mixed oil through oil material is improved. Therefore shorten the oil leaching time efficiently and improve oil leaching productivity.

3. Puffed materials absorb less solvent, so it is easy to dissolve.

After puffing, oil material has better permeability and drainability , the absorption of solvent is decreased by about 20%, a load of desolvation and solvent recovery is reduced, thus save steam consumption.

puffed oil materials (rice-bran) by oil material extruder machine

4. Increase the concentration of mixed oil, so decrease the load of evaporation of mixed oil.

Puffing process destroys the cells of oil material and improves its permeability, which decreases the solvent ratio from 0.8:1 to 0.6:1 compared with materials without puffing, and the concentration of mixed oil is increased from 20% to 28-30%. Therefore, reduce the load of mixed oil evaporation system and solvent recovery, save steam consumption of mixed oil evaporation section.

5. Enzymes in oil materials are passivated after puffing, so the quality of leached oil is improved.

In puffing process, enzymes and anti-nutritional factors are passivated, which avoids effects of lipoxygenase and phospholipase on the phospholipids in oilseeds, and reduces the content of non-hydrated phospholipids in leached crude oil, increases the total phospholipid content in the leached crude oil. Thus improve oil refinery efficiency, oil quality, the yield of phospholipid by-product and the quality of the phospholipid product in the hydration degumming process.

Phosphorus content of crude oil(mg/Kg) Phosphorus content of degumming oil(mg/Kg) Phosphatidyl acetone insoluble substance% Phospholipid composition(%)
Lecithin Brain phospholipid Inositol phospholipid
Raw flake leaching process 840 184 65.8 34.19 18.07 19.97
Puffed flakes leaching process 985 67 74.3 39.78 12.36 19.95

6.The processing capacity of flaking machine is improved.

The requirement of puffed flakes thickness is lower than raw flakes without puffing, the flaking thickness is relaxed, which improves the processing capacity of flaking machine.

7. Reduce energy consumption in the oil solvent extraction processing workshop.

Because puffing of oil material can improve the concentration of mixed oil and decrease the solvent absorption of the wet meal, to reduce the consumption of solvent in oil bleaching process; improvement of production capacity reduces the consumption of tones of oil materials in oil production process; total production cost is reduced.

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