Oilseeds Flaking Machine Introduction

Oilseeds flaking machine is vital pretreatment equipment in oil mill plant. It can turn granular oil materials into flakes by rolling pressure of the rollers. Flaking process can help oil extraction more smoothly from oil materials.
oilseeds flaking roll machine

Oil Material Flaking Machine Functions

1. Flaking can destroy cellular structure of oilseed, and create favorable conditions for the cooking process. In cooking process, Oil seeds flakes are easier to absorb water and heat, which benefits the thermal damage and protein denaturation of oil-seeds cells, so that oil can be successfully separated in pressing or solvent extraction process;
2. Greatly increase contact surface area of oil materials, and more oil can be extracted, so increase the oil yield.

Oilseeds Flaking Section for pretreatment workshop

Applications of Flaking Machine

It is applicable to press kinds of oil-bearing material, such as peanut, rapeseed, sunflower seed, castor bean, maize germ, tea seed, oil palm seed, rice bran, sesame, shea nuts, tung nut, copra, hemp seed, flaxseed, olive, walnut, perilla seed, oil melon, tallow seed, castor seed, corn germ, safflower seed, almond, pepper seed, etc. into flakes in pretreatment workshop.

Principle of Oil-seeds Flaking Mill

Oilseeds flaking mill makes use of rolling pressure generated by two rollers to press oil seed from granularity into flake. Because of the little gap between rollers of flaking machine, oil materials need preprocessing before they feed into the flaking machine. For example, large size oil material like peanut and soybean should be ground by crushing machine, while materials with low-oil content, low water content and hard tissue like rape seeds and cotton seeds need softening firstly.
oil material flaking mill for making soybean flakes

Main Technical Data of Oil Material Flaking Machine

Capacity 30t/d
Power of Main Motor 15kw/ set * 2 sets
Roller specification Φ400*1000 mm
Roller rotating speed 200 r/min
Flake thickness 0.25-0.35 mm
Motor power of feeding roller 0.37kw
Rotating speed of feeding roller 42r/min
Motor power of oil pump 1.1kw
Working pressure of hydraulic system 2.0-3 Mpa
Dimension (L*W*H) 1770*1240*1770

Quality Flakes Can be Produced by Our Oil Material Flaker Machine

The produced flakes are thin, uniform, with less powder, with a certain degree of mechanical strength and no oil spill. The 1mm sieve-through powder content is not more than 10% ~ 15 %. Flakes thickness of different oilseeds are as follows:

Oilseed soybean cottonseed rapeseed peanut sesame Sunflower seed
Flak thickness(mm) <0.3 <0.4 <0.35 <0.5 <0.3-0.4 <0.3-0.5

The flaking machine is generally used in the oilseeds pretreatment workshop to change the physical form of oilseeds, so to meet the requirements of oil solvent extraction production for oilseeds.
Flaking process has different requirement for different oil materials, our engineers can offer the most suitable oilseeds processing technology and provide the best flaking machine, according to your oil seeds properties and oil yield.

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