Oilseeds Roasting Machine Introduction

Three points by pressing, seven points by roasting materials. It’s key to choose reliable oilseeds roasting machine to improve the oil yield. Temperature control oilseeds roasting machine, also named drum type oilseeds roasting machine, can roast oilseeds evenly and is easy to control. The electrical machine is equipped with forward and inversion controllers, which is easy to roast and discharge oil materials. The oilseeds roasting machine is suitable to roast cottonseeds, soybeans, sesame, peanuts, sunflower seeds and rapeseeds etc.
oilseeds roasting machine for sale and price

Oilseeds Roasting Machine Features

●Simple structure, easy operation.
●Time and labor saving, high efficiency.
●Even and uniform heating can ensure the seeds roasting quality.

Oilseeds Roasting Machine Structure and Working Principle

Oilseeds roasting machine mainly consists of the rack, transmission set, reduction gear, steaming pot and in-and-out tube. Stir the oilseeds for certain time in the roasting machine. When the temperature rises, the raw oil molecules soften gradually. The half liquid oil molecules are easier for pressing and can improve the oil yield, decrease the machine parts wear.

nut and seed roaster machine for oil preprocessing workshop

Attention for Roaster Machine Operation

▲Check the line is safe or not before running the machine.
▲Run the roasting machine for five to ten minutes to see if there are abnormal phenomena. If the machine is normal, you can start to roast oilseeds.
▲In the roasting process, other people can’t approach the machine except the operator. Don’t touch the roasting machine body or the driving device when it runs.
▲The roasting time is determined by the raw materials, usually 15 to 30 minutes.
▲After finishing roasting the raw materials, you can start the inversion switch; After all the raw materials delivering out, turn off the power.

Oilseeds Roasting Machine Technical Parameters

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw)
ALS-500 150-200 1.1
ALS-600 250-300 1.1
ALS-650 200 0.75
ALS-700 300 1.1
ALS-750 400 1.5
ALS-900 450 1.5
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